The origin story of
The Tracker Group:

And our commitments to our clients .

Connie Weaver and Denise Stone founded The Tracker Group to help businesses of all sizes unleash their potential ... and navigate through the challenges that might slow them down. The team of experts they have put together at The Tracker Group shares these 3 key commitments:


Dig deep – look far beyond the obvious, offer new points of view
Weave together the often contradictory goals of finance, marketing and operations.
Treat each client’s problem as if it was your own



Connie Weaver
The Transformational Leader

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Connie is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tracker Group LLC, a strategic management advisory firm comprised of accomplished entrepreneurial executives with demonstrated success in leading change across a variety of industries.

Offering a well-rounded background in global marketing and brand management, digital strategy, customer experience, business and financial transformation, communications and investor relations, Connie is focused on recruiting a team of visionary, trailblazing executives to deliver world-class solutions to a growing client base.


Denise Stone
The Value Optimizer

Chief Financial Officer and Co-Founder

With a demonstrated track record of extraordinary success transforming business performance and value, Denise is widely known as a trusted advisor who brings an entrepreneurial spirit and a do-whatever-it-takes attitude to everything she does. Throughout her career, Denise has empowered the development of successful business improvements that have driven productivity and profitability in startups and top-tier corporations alike.

With a legacy of successfully building strong teams and leading all facets of finance and business strategy, Denise commands a deep expertise in a wide range of essential disciplines including Financial Performance Management, P&L Management, Contract Negotiations and M&A/Due Diligence.



John McCool
The Expert Communicator

Public Relations and Communications Advisor


Helen McGrath
The Insights Guru

Insights and Research


Christopher Spriggs
The Digital Innovator

Digital and Creative Advisor


Joe Szynkowski
The World-Class Communicator



Lauren Andrade
The Breakthrough Creator

Creative Advisor


Ryan Wianecki
The Manager


Bailey & Tracker
The Sherpas

Directors of Inspiration