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Denise Stone

Denise Stone pioneered the launch as Cofounder and Chief Financial Officer for the Tracker Group, serving as a trusted advisor providing guidance and direction to clients seeking to revolutionize growth and profits. Ms. Stone has dedicated herself and her vision as a leader and partner with an “All-In” attitude. Denise offers a demonstrated record of extraordinary success transforming business performance and value leveraging an entrepreneurial approach.  

Her noteworthy career history spans experience gained in start-up companies and top tier corporations that include Tracker Group, TIAA, B2B CFO, BearingPoint, Core Development Group and Team Products International Inc.  Combining her proven business instinct with an unprecedented disciplinary work ethic, Denise has served as a key factor behind the success of each employer for which she has worked.

Denise’s invaluable expertise and broad business range have empowered the development of successful business improvements that drive productivity and profitability, and which have served as the cornerstone of client satisfaction. Denise exhibits an impressive command of the skills needed to maximize value and apply expertise in forward focused analytics to build strategies to meet future challenges. 

With a forte for successfully building strong teams and holding a key role leading all facets of finance and business strategy, Ms. Stone has successfully positioned Tracker Group as a leading expert in its field with respect to the application of best business and finance practices contributing to the following successes:

●    Works with key client stakeholders to identify opportunities to create groundbreaking solutions to complex business challenges and enhanced value creation.

●    Serves an integral role enhancing profitability for clients by driving top line growth through optimizing product mix and reducing operating costs for clients through the analysis of existing business operations.

●    Highly successful in reinvigorating investor relations functions requiring change and close collaboration with company executives and senior leaders.

Prior to assuming the role of Cofounder and Chief Operating Officer for Tracker Group, Denise achieved over two decades of experience driving positive outcomes, building and applying a broad and deep command of Financial Performance Management, Financial Insights/Analytics, Operations Improvement, Investor Relations and M&A/Due Diligence.

Combining her proven business instinct and forward focused vision with an unprecedented work ethic, Denise has continuously delivered in high stake environments positioning herself as a key member of each company and as a driving force for growth.

Denise holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance and Accounting (Cum Laude) from Slippery Rock University.


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