Thinking about exiting your business?


Any business owner knows that building a business is a time consuming and challenging process.  Bringing a business to life requires an idea, a passion and a very detailed plan.  Have you considered that selling your business could be equally as challenging, both personally and financially?  

A proper exit strategy is a process rather than an event and a vital component of your overall plan to maximize the value of your investment.  Many people underestimate the complexity and the benefits of proactive exit planning.  You will be more successful if you hire a knowledgeable professional to help you understand your options, increase the value of your business and maximize your payday.

Capitalize on the value of your company by planning ahead.  Below are some things to consider in your planning process:

Are you ready to exit your business?

  • What are your exit goals?
  • Do you want to continue working in your business or exit completely?
  • Are you mentally ready?  What will you be doing?
  • Are you financially ready?
  • Do you have adequate funds for retirement?
  • Have you considered tax consequences?  A higher sales price may not yield the best result.
  • Do you understand the various types of exit strategies?
  • Work with a professional that can help you decide which exit strategy is best for your particular situation and can generate the maximum benefit for your investment.

Is your business ready for your exit?

  • Get a business evaluation to identify issues and opportunities for improvement.
  • Improve cash flow and drive profitability.
  • Build your brand image and identify future growth opportunities.
  • Grow sales.  Buyers — avoid falling trends.
  • Strengthen your infrastructure.  A well run business generates a higher price.
  • Differentiate yourself. How are you better positioned to win business?
  • Consider timing.  How is the current economy affecting your business?
  • Hire a professional that will work with you to develop a plan to improve your company’s financial health and maximize the value of your business.

Whether you are considering a sale of your business now or in many years, proper planning is vital to a successful exit.  At Tracker Group, our model is unique and will provide you with a tailored exit strategy plan to optimize your investment return.  Increased company value, reimagined brand, enhanced market positioning, cash management skills, reduced stress, more free time and a successful exit plan are just some of the benefits of Tracker Group.   As your trusted advisors, we can be the outside experts on your business and work with you every step of the way.